James: Holistic Therapist



Crystal healing is a non-invasive form of complimentary healing, that works holistically on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being, to realign subtle energies, harmonising the vibration and rebalancing of energies and flow of life force (Prana)

Energy tears or leaks are caused where trauma, negative vibrations, emotions, shock or illness have attached themselves to us from within and also from our environment and people we meet.  This can cause our auric field and Chakras to become damaged and unwell, resulting in disruption in the energy flow.

Healing vibrations from the crystals and Master crystals help to free such negative energy and  re-balance and finely tune our auric filed and Chakras restoring the free flow of life force energies back into a safe protective field of love and light.             

Please note: (Crystal healing is not used to replace conventional medical advice or treatment)

60 Mins:  £40.