James: Holistic Therapist



Feel the magic of fire and allow yourself to experience beneficial relaxation. The Biosun traditional Earcandles have their origin in the centuries old culture of the Hopi Indian and other tribal peoples.  They have a soothing and relaxing, purely physical effect and are certified according to the European Medical Device Directive.

The term candle is something of a misnomer since the products used are not candles as we understand them, but a hollow tube made from linen to stiffen the flax they are impregnated with extract of honey , 100% pure beeswax and essential oil of St John's wort, beta-carotine (vitamin A), chamomile and sage, the well-being properties of which have been known to the Hopi tribe for hundreds of years.

Once lit,  the candles work by vaporising their ingredients and creating air flow towards the ear.

Once both ears have been treated, a soothing, relaxing face massage will follow, paying particular attention to the sinus areas, to enhance the effects of the candles.                 

Benefits: from this ancient therapy is deep  sense of relaxation and stress relief, stimulation of energy flow, softening and loosening of hard compact ear wax, relief from sinus problems, headaches, hay fever, snoring, temporary relief from tinnitus and reduced irritation of the Ear canal, and Ear fluid circulation.  Highly recommended for easing pressure problems following flying and diving.            

60 mins: £45