James: Holistic Therapist




A luxurious soothing treatment, using warmed volcanic rocks that have been polished down to a smooth finish, which when heated and coated in organic relaxing oils, allowing extensive soft tissue manipulation to concentrated areas of the body, legs, back, neck, all holders of intense stress and tension.

 Stone therapy is an exceptionally relaxing, and gentle treatment, and used to balance the flow of energy through the Chakras and achieve physical and spiritual well-being within the body.

Hot Stone massage dates back to over 3,000 years ago in ancient India and China, and more recently to North America Indians. Hot stone massage has recently been revived and is thriving today in many healing centres throughout Europe and North America.

  Hot Stone Massage:   90 Mins: £60

Why not try Hot and Cold Stone Massage Fusion.

Combining Hot and Cold Stone massage therapy is pretty much like a vascular gymnastic for the body, blood vessels will rise to the surface and dilate when the hot stones are applied and than the vessels will constrict and move blood back to the inner core of the muscles when the cold stones are applied.  The opening and closing of the blood vessels cause a pumping action within the circulatory system which brings in more blood to the lungs and heart, it allows the body to achieve the same level of relaxation and rejuvenation as going to the sauna and jumping into the plunge pool but with the benefits oa a massage included.

Hot and Cold Stone Massage:    90 mins: £60.