James: Holistic Therapist


Thai Foot Massage 

Thai foot massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet, that is well established in Thailand with influences from Japan, Korea and China, originating about 2000 years ago.

The massage begins with a soothing cleansing of the feet, followed by warming of the feet (which is relaxing on a physical and emotional level) and application of stimulating or relaxing oils and creams. These are massaged deeply into the feet, and upper leg using palms, fingers and knuckles  helping to warm and soften the hard working feet and calf muscles, letting go of locked in tension and soothing aching tired feet and heavy legs. Only once the foot and leg are relaxed and responsive are  traditional Thai massage sticks then applied to the feet to stimulate the reflex points.......(the feet represent the entire body with different reflex points corresponding to different areas of the body and organs). Thai stick pressure work activates the energy released from stimulating these reflex points. 

Thai stick acupressure is finished off with more cream and oil being applied to the foot and leg for a deeper massage which is to encourage the released energy to flow up through the Sen  lines (energy pathways) of the foot and leg.

The massage concludes with the feet and lower legs being wrapped in warm towels and then gentle pressure and stretching is applied through the towels  which helps to open up the energy lines (Sen) of the foot and leg. The result is to bring about balance and general well-being, leaving feet feeling refreshed and reinvigorated ....ready to carry you on your journey again.

Thai massage is not soft and soothing, but more refreshing and revitalising that is deeply relaxing.

Treatment price: £45........75 mins