James: Holistic Therapist



 Indian head massage or "champissage" as it is known in India, originates from Ayurveda, an ancient method involving natural therapies, taking account of mind, body and spirit, and has been passed down from family to family in India over the past 5,000 years.

 We all have a tendency to live in our heads, holding onto tension and building up excess energy.  Blockage in the chakras can easily occur, resulting in lines, blemishes, headaches, migraine and eye strain.

Indian head massage is a massage therapy that works specifically on the area surrounding the head, scalp, face and neck extending to the shoulders and upper back.  The Chakras become balanced, you feel relaxed, energised and ready to cope with the stress and strains of a busy life.

30 Mins: £25.    60 Mins: £45.